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Up to now, it is far from enough to meet people's living needs. Product design innovation and optimization have become the goal of many high-end projects in recent years. For the villa design luxury market, the traditional villa design has evolved into many types of high-end products, such as "villas", "villas" and so on. Next, I'll see you about the villa decoration and family members to talk about the types of villa soft-wear design style.
1: Modern Simplicity Style
Modern minimalism, as its name implies, makes all the details look very simple. The simplicity of decoration is to make the space look very simple and atmospheric. There are fewer decorative parts, but in terms of color and layout, it takes a lot of effort to choose and match decoration materials. This is a realm, not designed by ordinary designers.
2: Neoclassical Style
Neo-classical style from simple to complex, from the whole to the part, exquisite carving, inlaid gold all give the impression of meticulousness. On the one hand, it retains the general style of material and color, and still can feel the traditional historical traces and rich cultural details strongly. At the same time, it abandons the too complex texture and decoration and simplifies the lines.
3: Chinese Style
Chinese style The interior decoration design artistic style of Chinese classical architecture represented by palace architecture is magnificent, magnificent, luxurious, high space, great progress, brilliant, symmetrical sculpture of beams and pillars, contrast of colors, wood-based decorative materials, dragons, phoenixes, tortoises, lions, etc. Beautiful and exquisite. But the decoration cost of Chinese style is high, and lack of modern flavor, can only be used in decoration at home.
4: French Style
French style pays attention to embellishing the architecture in nature, stressing the natural sense of return of the soul in the design, giving people a full-bodied breath. Open space structure, flowers and green plants everywhere, fine sculptured furniture... All this creates an idyllic atmosphere as a whole. Whether it is the beautiful flowers in the bedside lamp pattern, or a slightly shaking rocking chair in front of the window, you can feel the master's leisurely and comfortable life and sunny mood in any corner.
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