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  Now the pace of life is getting faster and faster. Every day, we are busy and spend more than half of our time in the office, so office decoration is particularly important. Many companies are more concerned about the planning of the office, so what are the decoration requirements for big bosses to hope that their company's financial resources are rolling? Let's have a look
  1. Sufficient indoor light
  1) the bright and pleasant light in the office makes good people come out with clear rewards and punishments. The employees are also responsible for their own strengths and their performance is also growing day by day. On the contrary, if the light in the office is too dark, there will be many obstacles and problems in the work, even when the villain is in charge and neglects his duty, the staff's working morale will be low, and the company's development will not be smooth.
  2) the office light is too strong and too transparent, so as to avoid mental weakness and fatigue of the staff. If there are windows on both sides, we need to use blinds to close the window with poor view. If there is a window on one side of the office, it is OK that the window faces east, South and West, but it is not suitable to face north.
  3) since the northern part is a Kan official, he mainly works on divination. Yin Qi is heavy, Yang Qi is hard to rise, and the pressure of career is great. If it is already a north facing window, then the desk should not be too close to the window. Indoor layout, walls or sofas, bookshelves, etc. should be warm, or more red, to make up for the lack of the sun.
  2. Seats should not be empty
  1)布置办公室座椅很有讲究,后面不能空,一定要有墙为靠山,人做什么事情都讲究有”靠山”,后面的墙则为“靠”,因靠山好主贵人多, 支持力大,行事稳当,后继力足。
  1) the office seats should be arranged carefully. There must be a wall to lean against the mountain. Chinese people should lean against the mountain when they do anything. The back wall should lean against the mountain. Because there are many masters and dignitaries who lean against the mountain, they have strong support, act steadily and have sufficient successors.
  2) if the seat is empty, bad geomancy is often formed, with insufficient strength, weak body, insufficient personnel stability, lack of centripetal force of employees, lack of dignitaries, and even seriously affecting the foothold space of all companies.
  3)办公室内的老板椅靠墙布置,正确的距离应该是距离墙有一尺左右的距离, 这样老板椅左右前后转动都可以,就能达到做事情进退有余的要求了,因此座椅布置要有讲究。
  3) the boss chair in the office is arranged against the wall. The correct distance should be about one foot away from the wall. In this way, the boss chair can rotate back and forth to meet the requirements of more than moving forward and backward. Therefore, the chair layout should be paid attention to.
  3、 桌上摆放植物
  3. Plants on the table
  When we arrange the office, we usually put a basin of green plants on each desk, which can make the staff feel a fresh green when they are tired, reduce their fatigue, and also let their eyes rest. This not only effectively protects the physical and mental health of the company's staff, but also enables the staff to face the work in a better state and improve their work Efficiency, of course, is more conducive to the development of the company.
  4、 大门不宜对厕所门
  4. The door should not be opposite to the toilet door
  厕所是秽气聚集之地,而厕所门就是秽气”泄出”之地,如是办公室的大门正对着厕所门的话,这就会导致厕所内的秽气直冲向办公室,不但恶心,而且还会影响到员工办公的心情,办公想要效率也不行了。办公室结构使然,则我们可以在厕所和办公室之间布置一道屏风, 或是摆放大型阔叶植物,这样也就可以在一定程度上阻挡秽气入侵。
  The toilet is the place where the foul gas gathers, and the toilet door is the place where the foul gas "leaks out". If the office door is facing the toilet door, it will cause the foul gas in the toilet to rush directly to the office, which will not only disgust, but also affect the mood of the employees, and the efficiency of the office is not good. Because of the office structure, we can arrange a screen between the toilet and the office, or place large-scale broadleaf plants, so as to prevent the invasion of foul gas to a certain extent.
  5. Do not place too many obstacles at the door
  Whether the entrance and exit of the office is smooth or not can show whether the company is in good weather. If too many large-scale objects are placed at the door of the office, it will directly affect people's normal walking. After a long time, people will feel more or less uncomfortable, which will indirectly affect work and internal and external interpersonal relations. Moreover, too many sundries are blocked at the door, directly affecting the appearance and blocking the vision.
  6. Office should not be blocked
  The office access is just like the blood of the same person. It's convenient and unobstructed. However, in some offices, for convenience or carelessness, some things that shouldn't be put in the office are crammed into the office, which blocks the access of the whole office. In this case, it often leads to poor fortune, blocked financial resources, poor communication, and laborious work No performance and other problems, which seriously affect the development of the cause.
  7. There should be no rush brake in front of the Office
  In front of the office, it is not suitable to meet all kinds of rush brakes, which refer to: road brake, electric pole brake, tree brake, sharp corner brake, etc. otherwise, employees or supervisors are not only prone to things not smooth, obstacles are frequent, diseases are continuous, strange things are continuous, officials are not talkative, and even personnel are frequently changed, lack of centripetal force, and employees cannot be retained, so we should pay attention to it.

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