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  After the office is decorated and used for a period of time, a lot of owners will find that under the door jamb of the room, it is especially moldy and black, especially under the door jamb of the toilet. However, how to deal with and solve these problems is very troublesome. If you want to dismantle and repair in the construction is particularly troublesome, then what kind of reasons will cause mildew and blackening under the door jamb? How can we prevent similar things from happening? How can we prevent the door from mildew? The following is the answer.
  First of all, we will discuss why the door cover of the office washroom below is black and moldy. The reason for this article is that the shape of the wall is generally similar. It's a main building. It's easy to understand the construction process and the construction workers' drawings. It's not according to the construction process. When the wall is wet or not completely dry, it's a kind of work in construction. First, it's to put the door on. Because the water vapor in the wall cannot volatilize due to the wall or humidity, it is completely absorbed and covered by the door and affected by the humidity, and the mildew black phenomenon occurs in time. There is even kitchen and bathroom door cover also particularly easy to sprinkle water, such as in the early days before the door cover is not installed do not do wall moisture-proof treatment, late door cover is also particularly easy to moldy rotten. Especially the door pocket of the toilet.
  So how to construct? We should build according to the standard construction process. The wall and door cover under the door cover should be moistureproof and antiseptic first, and then install according to the corresponding procedures. Generally, the toilet has a water baffle, which can be a little higher than the floor tiles in the toilet. When installing the steel plate, the primer shall be applied to prevent corrosion and moisture. There should be a gap between the water holding plate and the door pocket in the toilet, so that the water in the toilet will flow down the ground, and will not be laid along the door pocket, and the door pocket will not be damp, moldy and black.
  Of course, the most important way to deal with the door jamb is to do a good job of moisture-proof and anti-corrosion treatment. When selecting materials, try to choose some anticorrosive and waterproof materials for the door pocket of the toilet.
  If office toilet uses aluminium alloy door to cover completely, so won't worry about waterproof problem greatly. According to the relevant regulations, as long as the door jamb contacted with the toilet wall must be treated against moisture. So when decorating the house, the owner may as well spend more time to observe the workers carefully in the following aspects of construction.
  One is to apply more varnish on the back of the door. The place where the wall meets the joinery board of the door pocket of the toilet is the back of the joinery board, which must be painted with varnish and painted several times, so as to prevent the moisture in the body from being absorbed by the door pocket.
  Second, if there is no threshold stone in the toilet, a gap of about 1 ° shall be left between the door cover and the ground to prevent the water on the toilet floor from permeating into the door cover.
  Third, a layer of moisture-proof board is pasted on the back of the door pocket of the toilet, which can also isolate the water vapor of the wall from penetrating into the door pocket.
  Fourth, when choosing the door jamb line, try to choose some water-resistant and waterproof materials, such as stone and ceramic tile.
  We need to pay attention to mould proof of office door pocket. Please choose a good decoration company to avoid this phenomenon.

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