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1. Place a grand idea display board
First, it can show the results of daily brainstorming and listen to the opinions of all departments and levels of employees; second, it can timely release the project and task progress tracked by employees, break through the internal information barriers and communication barriers, and establish transparent business operations; and it can also be used as a message board to broaden the channels of mutual understanding and communication among employees.
2. Dyeing the walls of the company's entrance and exit corridors. Many art and creative companies paint the walls of the company's entrance into intense red or bright blue, eye-catching but refreshing. This should not be the patent of art and design companies, companies in any field can try this approach. Entering the company is no longer the beginning of fatigue, but the "free door" of ideas. As long as the company takes the lead in jumping out of the box, the staff's thinking can jump higher and farther.
3. Different people who provide personalized office equipment have different work habits. When designing an office, don't try to force employees to submit to the rigid office environment and try to meet the needs of employees with different equipment. Umbrella-shaped shading chairs with high back straps, sound-proof desks equipped with upright cushion, divisible and movable group discussion sofas can help employees to maintain a positive, lively and comfortable working state.
4. Create office corridors as winding as possible. Design the corridors in the office space as circuitous as possible, and extend the time and space for staff to move in the office. Taking a few more steps means passing more colleagues, creating more greeting opportunities, and seeing more people's working conditions, so that employees can naturally integrate into the whole office atmosphere.
5. Remove the traditional wall and make the conference room a transparent glass room. If space permits, try to set the meeting room in the middle of the office space, so that the desk can be coiled around the meeting room sensitively. This can not only show the transparency and openness of the company's decision-making, but also enable each employee interval center to insist on an equal interval in decision-making. Equivalent and transparent atmosphere can cultivate employees'active and full working conditions. Said that when we stop the creative design of office space, we do not necessarily have to go all out to rebuild the office to improve the plight of the enterprise. With the above five tricks, it is possible to make the dull and dull office space lively through detailed redesign.
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