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I. Hydropower Inspection
Check the electricity and water in the house. Of course, for some high-level office decoration, most of the hydropower later to replace, so sometimes these contents are not critical, but if you do not intend to replace hydropower, then these things must be carefully checked. In addition to checking whether the power is on, it also depends on whether the wire meets the national standard quality, and then whether the cross-sectional area of the wire meets the requirements.
II. Pipeline Inspection
The pipeline referred to here refers to the drainage/sewage pipeline, especially the sewage outlet such as the balcony. When inspecting, take a water-holding device in advance, and then pour water into the drainage outlet to see if the water is flowing smoothly. Why do you want to test this, because in the construction of the project, some workers often "steal" the worker when cleaning. If some cement slag is poured into the drain pipe to flow away, if the cement is more sticky, it will clog at the elbow and form drainage.
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3. Testing the horizon
Horizon testing is to measure the horizontal errors between indoor ground far from the entrance and the interior of the entrance. It can also reflect the quality of the developer's buildings in many cases. Because as the owner, it is impossible to test the main structure. So we can only see the quality from these details. The method of measurement is simple if it is not too troublesome. Go to the hardware store and buy a small transparent water pipe, about 20 meters in length, and fill it with water. Draw a sign at the entrance 0.5 or 1 meter above the ground. Then adjust the water level of the pipe to the mark height and find someone to fix it. Then move the other end of the pipe to the room farthest from the door. Then look at the height of the pipe and make a sign. Then use a ruler to measure the height of the sign off the ground. The difference between the two heights is the level difference of the house.
4. Look at the wall
I don't know when to start, looking at the wall has become the first problem of house inspection. In fact, even the houses built in the 1980s are not as weak as those built today. So the best way to check is to go and observe the house before it turns in and the next day after heavy rain. At this time, if there is a problem with the wall, it is almost invisible. In addition to seepage, there is also a problem, that is, whether the wall cracks. Latex paint is currently the most common wall decoration information, in the detailed construction can be brushed, rolled or sprayed. If the worker is not careful or perfunctory in the construction, there will often be slight color difference, especially in darker latex paint.
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