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1. decorate in the collocation environment, design match guest group.
Walk into the city's restaurants, as long as you carefully will find that many restaurant style is matching the surrounding environment. Every Starbucks store, for example, is focused on local design, and McDonald's is very focused on integrating the overall style into the environment. Learn to make a hidden chameleon.
2. use natural materials to strengthen sensory organs.
The more virtual elements in people's lives, the stronger the desire for reality. Natural materials are used to enhance people's visual sense. These natural materials are increasingly being used in business environments, such as stump stools in restaurants, wallpaper made from bark, and so on. It gives people a sense of being on the scene. Red brick, tile, bamboo and sand can be used as decorations.
Shop decoration in Ji'nan
3. do not blindly follow the trend, classical is classic.
Ancient objects can always evoke some memories of people, so some can evoke people's feelings of retro design, is a good design. Restaurants don't necessarily follow the trend. The classical flavor and reminiscences are worth keeping.
4. space design and social enhancement
Space design should take advantage of every corner that can be applied, and try to combine and save space. Make sure that everyone can enjoy food in space. In addition to the reasonable layout of the dining space is how to design the layout of the entire store, enhance the social advantage of the space. Wang Fengbo's Design Institute believes that restaurant activities can effectively promote customer interaction, in this way to eliminate customer estrangement.
5. the use of table
The table should be "flexible" so that it can get rid of the traditional fixed table restrictions and allow more people to come to the restaurant. You can also set some vases on the table, so when the tableware on the table will give customers a sense of freshness.
6. make full use of humanized design
Placing the condiments, napkins, and cutlery on the table will make the customers very convenient. Placing a small amount of seasoning is not only convenient, but also prevents long time. Restaurants can also provide outlets for customers, which is intended to attract customers.
In addition, for customers, the first thing to see is the door. The door is a sign of a shop, such as a face of a fellow person. The headquarters of chain enterprises usually design unified doors and background colors. If you are a franchisee, you only need to follow the arrangement of chain enterprises.
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