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  Now people live fast and under great pressure. More than half of the time of the day is spent in the office. The working environment directly affects the working status of employees, and also reflects an important part of the company's culture. Comfortable office environment can make office efficiency more efficient with less effort. Today, let's take a look at the office decoration design skills and precautions with Xiaobian.
  1. Understand the design structure of the Office
  Before construction, the design of the office area must be clear, so as to better grasp the direction and location of the partition rooms in each place, the distance between the front desk and the office area and the meeting area, and the size relationship between the rest area and the tea room must be strictly controlled to make the overall effect more perfect.
  2. Prepare necessary tools
  Before starting the construction, please use the relevant equipment to carefully measure the size of the office area. Generally speaking, two or three measurement scales are necessary, calculator and folder are also necessary, because decoration is absolutely the purchase of materials and calculation of money, which can help you plan your budget effectively, at the same time, you can summarize invoices and receipts to understand how much money is spent.
  3. Determine the decoration style
  In order to make the office area more unified, it is better to define the required style before construction, so that the effect of later display will not appear disorderly.
  4. Find a suitable decoration company
  In order to obtain good after-sales service, it is recommended to find a reputable decoration company before construction, so that both the decoration quality and after-sales service will be guaranteed. When looking at other people's experience, it is also necessary to compare each company's service attitude, design level, price level and sample room case.
  Decoration precautions
  1. The ground is flat
  Office workers go in and out of the office every day. If the ground is not flat, safety will be involved. In addition, the non-uniformity of the office floor will seriously affect the overall image of the office. Therefore, the office decoration must pay attention to the flatness of the ground.
  2. Wire conversion
  Many companies do not ask professional companies to help with wire conversion to save money. In fact, wire renovation is very important in decoration, so you have to find a professional company to do it. The office needs a lot of electricity and more wires. If there are unprofessional people, there will be many hidden dangers.
  3. Fire fighting equipment must be complete
  The office is a place where many people gather, so there must be fire-fighting equipment in this place, and the fire-fighting equipment must be complete. Many companies failed to pass through the fire station during the renovation process because they ignored the fire equipment during the renovation process. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange the storage place of fire-fighting equipment reasonably before decoration. ?

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