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  As for the installation position and precautions of socket in Jinan Office decoration, I hope to provide some help or suggestions for you.
  While switching sockets can be a big problem, it's important because of its power and safety implications. Every office decoration is indispensable. Besides those switch sockets, there are few ground sockets installed. This socket is a little different from the socket. This socket is more difficult than other installations. What should be paid attention to in installation? This is a simple introduction.
  First of all, it is helpful to introduce the installation of floor socket first. It is helpful to know that they only install floor socket. This kind of special socket is generally composed of low box and cover. Its installation should be divided into two parts. Make sure that the pipe and grounding socket are connected smoothly. First of all, fix the low box of the grounding socket and connect it with the metal pipe. When conducting the real grounding treatment, the installation must be coordinated with the indoor decoration.
  Positioning of steel bottom box
  Determine the installation position of the socket according to the correct construction drawing, and connect the steel box with the metal pipe. And fix the theodolite on the surrounding concrete or cement. Sometimes, it is necessary to embed the theodolite in the steel bottom box of the same row for alignment and positioning.
  Embedded depth of
  First of all, according to the design drawings, select the appropriate thickness of embedded steel bottom box for embedded treatment, according to the ground structure. The surface of the steel box shall generally be kept at a depth of 3-5mm from the ground, and then concrete or cement shall be poured for fixation.
  Thickness selection of steel bottom box
  A the buried depth shall be between the leveling layer and the ground decoration layer. The buried depth shall be less than 55mm. Ultra thin steel bottom box shall be selected.
  B. the buried depth is standard embedded steel bottom box, and the optional thickness between the floor reinforcement structure and the decorative layer is 65-75mm.
  Matters needing attention
  Before pouring and fixing the steel box concrete, it is necessary to confirm whether the steel box and metal pipe are complete, and whether the steel box has a protective cover to prevent dust and sundries from falling during construction.
  1. 济南办公室接地插座的安装位置设计及注意事项
  1. Installation position design and precautions of Jinan Office grounding socket
  2. 明确的区域
  2. Clear area
  First remove the protective cover at the bottom of the steel box, clean the surrounding garbage and installation holes. After installing the well cover, keep good contact with the ground.
  3. Anti corrosion treatment
  Improper proportion of floor surface decoration materials such as marble, ceramic tile and concrete may cause weathering and incomplete drying and strong corrosion of socket cover. Therefore, this cover should not be installed if the surrounding concrete earth holes are not completely dry. Place one or two anti rust paint brushes near the cave to cover the rusty installation cover and avoid weathering.
  4. 地面
  4. ground
  When installing the grounding socket with strong power socket, the ground wire of the upper cover must be firmly connected with the rear box. And fix the cover and low box.
  That is to say, here is a hint: when deciding the number of sockets to open and close, consider as many sockets as possible, and set up a spare one. More sockets than enough.
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