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1、蛋糕店装修招牌照明招牌的亮堂醒目,普通是经过霓虹灯的蛋糕店设计装修做到的。霓虹灯不但照亮招牌,也增加了蛋糕店装修在夜间的可见度。 蛋糕店装修设计效果图同时,能制造繁华和愉快的氛围。霓虹灯的蛋糕店装修一定要新颖、别具一格,可设计成各种外形,采用多种颜色。为了使招牌醒目,灯光颜色普通以单色和生较强的红、绿、白等为主,突出简约、明快、醒目的请求。

1. Cake shop decoration signs and lighting signs are bright and eye-catching, usually through neon design and decoration of cake shop. The neon lights not only illuminate the signs, but also increase the visibility of the cake shop decoration at night. Cake shop decoration design effect map at the same time, can create a prosperous and pleasant atmosphere. Neon light cake shop decoration must be novel, unique, can be designed into a variety of shapes, using a variety of colors. In order to make the signboard conspicuous, the light color is usually monochrome and strong red, green, white and so on, highlighting the simple, bright, eye-catching request.
2. Window lighting and color are inseparable. According to the method of stage lighting design, fitting appropriate top and corner lights for the decoration window of cake shop can not only have a certain lighting effect, but also make the original color of the window produce dramatic changes and give people a new feeling.
3、蛋糕店装修外部装饰灯照明它是霓虹灯在现代条件下的一种开展。 蛋糕店装修公司|蛋糕店设计装修名单普通是装饰在店门前的街道上或店门四周的墙壁上,蛋糕店装修主要起渲染、衬托氛围的作用。多么多店门拉起的灯网。
3. Cake shop decoration lighting is a kind of development of neon lights under modern conditions. Cake Shop Decoration Company | Cake Shop Design Decoration List is usually decorated on the street in front of the store or on the wall around the store, and the decoration of the cake shop mainly plays the role of rendering and setting off the atmosphere. How many shop doors pull up the lamp net.
4-Space Design
Unlike other stores, cake shop decoration cares about the reasonable layout of shop space. Everyone knows that cakes are needed to show. Cake shops need reasonable spatial planning, such as West Point exhibition area, mounting operation room, baking area, cash register, etc.
5 Lighting Design
We talked a lot about shop decoration knowledge, we all know the importance of lighting design in shop decoration. Lighting is the soul of shop decoration, and it is no exception in cake shops. Our Hefei Decoration Company believes that the light source of cake shop should be orange and other warm colors, and the brightness must be enough. Only in this way can our products become the focus and strengthen the purchasing desire and appetite of customers.
6 color design
Color is one of the major elements we have found. Rational use of color is one of the important elements to highlight the characteristics of cake shops. How to arrange the decoration color of the cake shop? First of all, according to the theme style of the shop, two or three colors can be selected as the main color of the shop. Of course, there is also a sense of separation of modern, mostly using glass, stainless steel, metal and other information, can choose a lighter color as the main color, traditional bakeries are mostly warm colors such as: yellow, orange, red and so on.
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