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Terminals - not at the exit
In order to promote products, some stores often set up shelves at the exit of escalators. Of course, the purpose is to enable customers to see the products they sell as soon as they step on the floor, so as to increase the possibility of selling products. However, this practice often makes some customers deliberately bypass the shelf and go to the nearby shelves. You may as well move the balcony blocked at the stairway entrance to the surrounding area by 2 meters, and then see the effect, I believe you will feel the wonderful use of "house Xiangxue".
Sound Shake-Don't Play Music Throughout the Sky
In fact, it's not good to broadcast music that rings through the clouds. Music itself can build an atmosphere, but it depends on what kind of atmosphere is built. Soft and elegant music can make customers linger and forget to return, add time for customers to stay in stores, thus increasing the possibility of customers'consumption. Ear-shaking music is called "sound brake" in Feng shui, which is attributed to viciousness. One kind of shame, makes people naturally produce a restless mood, on the promotion of shops can only play a negative impact.
Don't rush straight-escalators don't open doors
Now most large shopping malls have escalators. Please note that escalators should not be directed at the door of shops. If such a pattern has been formed, shelves should be used to block them as far as possible so that customers do not see escalators as soon as they enter the door. This is also the principle of "like to circle and avoid rushing" in Fengshui. Otherwise, the customers in your shops are "more visits, more visits". There are few explanations.
Store colour - can't be arbitrary
The color of shop decoration is very exquisite. Now many shops attach great importance to the color inside the shop. Some businesses have thought through mental tests that bright colors such as red will make people in a relatively exciting state and arouse people's desire to buy. From the perspective of geomantic omen, the interior color of storefront should be combined with the owner's birthday, the orientation of storefront and the five attributes of the products sold. The attributes of the products should be included into five categories: wood, fire, earth, gold and water. Then, according to the owner's fortune and the shop's house hexagram, the interior decoration color of the storefront should be determined in detail. The method is very complicated and must be determined by a professional house maker. Take away.
Shop - too small to admit
The door of the shop is the throat of the shop, and the channel of revenue and expenditure and circulation of customers and products. The number of doors that greet customers every day determines the rise and fall of shops.

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